MobaLiveCD - Run LiveCD within Windows

In posts Best Linux Live CD - Slax and Windows Live CDs i spoke about live cds and how easy and productive they are to use.

But the thing about them is that they need to be either copied on a CD or a flash drive, and you have to switch off your PC and boot from either of these devices in order to use the live cd.

Well this is what was required up until the awesome software called MobaLiveCD appeared. This application allows you to run your live cd image (.ISO) from within your Windows os!

It essentially creates a virtual machine for your live cd, but without any hassle at all.

You simply run the .exe and select your .iso live cd image and your live cd starts in a seperate window. Select Ctrl+Alt+F for full screen and the same to put it back in a window and select ALT+TAB to switch to another application!

You could also associate .iso files with MobaLiveCD and simply right click on the iso and start it this way.

Lastly you can run it from USB as well. Thus being able plug your flash drive into any machine and run a live cd from within Windows.

A truely awesome app. Try it.


Educational Online Fun for Toddlers

Following on the post on educational PC games for toddlers, i thought id share the best online fun and educational activity website for toddlers you'll find. The site is called MINIMOPS

The site's sounds are awesome, the graphics are addictive, the games are fun.

Not saying your little one should spend all their time behind the PC, but i cant see getting them PC literate at an early stage being a bad thing at all, and doing it whilst using a service like MINIMOPS makes it soo easy as they are having the time of their lives while learning.

Do take the time to visit this site, even youll find yourself having some fun with the music composition game :-)

Educational PC Game for Toddlers

My little one is 4 and loves playing on the PC, i have a couple of games she likes but mostly they are a bit too complicated and only interesting because of the movement and sounds her hitting the keyboard results in :-)

I recently found Childsplay which is a tool you simply have to download and install for your todler. The interface is simple and the games are entertaining. Above this they are extremely educational and addictive.

I couldnt believe how quickly my little one improved her mouse usage ability, once forced to improve in order to get 'the game to work', as she says.
There are sounds and pictures and memory games.... And it is free as it is opensource.

Head over to their site and download a copy for either Windows or Linux.
Some screenshots;


Windows Live CDs (Predominantly used as recovery tools...)

The use of thin client computing lead me to the interesting aspects of linux live CDs, as per post 'Best Linux Live CD - Slax' , but the need for recovery and diagnostics lead me to the interesting aspects of Windows live CDs.

There are two mayor competitors in the field of Windows Live CD recovery/diagnostics tools and they are Ultimate Boot CD 4 Windows and Hiren's Boot CD.

[Reminder that a live cd is a medium enabling you to run an operating system from a cd, thus not needing to be installed to be used and doesnt need any harddrive to work!]

Both applications are burnt onto a CD and booted from. (Remember to change your bios startup options so that it boots from CD first)

Once booted up Windows XP is then loaded onto memory and you are presented with a desktop with SOME of the functionality of the fully fledged installed OS.

These windows live CDs are not viable solutions for everyday use though, as the OS is a cut down version of the original and it doesnt carry the needed drivers for auto installation and it most of the time does not have the correct network drivers installed so it makes it a huge mission to get it on a network once booted.

(Youll notice that these are all the aspects that make the Linux Live Cd SLAX the perfect live cd for every day use cause it does all of these. )

No, Windows Live CDs are not tools that can replace your day by day operating system, it is instead an extremely usefull recovery and diagnostics tool for your Operating System!

Advantages of Windows Live CDs;
* Allow use of a PC even if the machine hdrive is faulty
* Although named "live CDs" both tools can be run from a USB flash drive as well
* Allow access to crashed hard drives when you need to recover data
* Allow recovery tools to save crashed machines
* Allow hardware diagnostics to save crashed machines
* Allow the reset of forgotten passwords
*Countless more tools and operations available.....

Both of these tools provide the option to not just boot the cd into a live windows os, but also run tools from a displayed text-based menu, and you will be able to select the tool you want to run. The selected tool actually boots off a virtual floppy disk created in memory.

Between the two Hiren's definately has my vote, it is better in so many ways;
*Hiren's is simply an ISO you download and burn to disk. UBCD4Win is a compilation tool that you need to use in conjunction with your own copy of windows xp and then compile the ISO to burn to CD!
*Hiren's has the boot option of booting to windoes live CD OR to go to text based menu and run tools from there. UBCD4Win does not have this option, you have to download Ultimate Boot CD (Non Windows) for this! Thus you need 2 UBCD CDs to do what the Hiren's disk can do!

So get over to Hiren's and get the tool, youre gonna need it one day and wont regret hanging on to it.

Some screenshots;

i900 Omnia Applications (Any WM device really...)

As mentioned in my previous post i recently procured a Samsung Omnia windows mobile device.
My passion is technology and the amount of time ive spent ont he phone since i got is is scary, i just want to know everything the phone can do and how everything works, i just have to :-)

Needless to say i have found quite a bit of applications available for the device and thought id share it with you, saving you the time to go find it yourself.

On the following link you will find the below files;

(copy cab files directly to phone and run on phone to install)

* Application cab files

- Kevtris - Tetris Game
- Skyfire - Better mobile internet browser
- pmClean - CCleaner alternative for windows mobile
- TotalCommander - File explorer alternative

* Device functionality cab files
- Batti - Battery monitor
- Ftouch - Improve touch screen functionlity
- OmniaSIP - Change default keyboard layout on startup
- softkeymanager - change the today screen buttons

* Network tools cab files
- vxutil - ipconfig / ping / network info app

* Remote tool cab files
- good ftp - ftp software
- WM6 RDP - remote desktop for windows mobile
- hamachi - vpn client for windows mobile

* SMS tool cab files
- Omniathread - change sms layout from thead to standard layout

(.msi and .exe needs to be installed from windows)
* Active sync 4 - Latest active sync for xp proffesional
* MyMobile - Allows you to see and work on your device from your pc!

Try all of these, youll see it changes your user experience for the best! I cant believe som of these apps dont come standard with the handset!

p.s The disabling of sms thread view cant be done ANYWHERE in the phone settings! You have to use the app above provided or do some registry editing! Doesnt make sense.

Enjoy. :-)

Paperclip phone stand

Just got my i900 Samsung Omnia last month and had to quickly share this beautifull extremely simple sphone stand you can make for your desk!

Bigups lifehacker!

Best Linux Live CD - Slax

Ive played around with some portable Linux OS distributions, but a more complete and extremely easy distribution for carrying around on your flash drive or CD has to be Slax.

Just a couple of features that interest me;
1. They provide an ISO and Zipped archive download, allowinf you to immediately burn the ISO to CD and extract the zipped archive to Flash and run a .bat file to make the flash bootable and your set to start using Linux!
2. The standard build is only 200mb!
3. Youc an customize your build, remove certian software and add other and then they compile the build and allow you your custom download!
4. To improve performance there is an option on startup to copy to ram, this allows you to for example remove the live CD from your drive while youre using the software!
5. Allows any VNC client connection to it (Once allowed in the software)
6. Havent found on board drivers not picked up by slax, everything just works.
6. Network immediately picks up an ip from available dhcp server on network
Been dealing quite a bit with a client using a server setup with thin clients connecting to it. The workstations(clients) dont have any cdroms nor drives in them, and the slax (or any live cd for that mattrer) allow a thin client setup in an instant! I tested slax with an extremely old machine at work, no drive, no cd rom, no cover even (!!) and only 64mb ram! And slax runs! Running the gui interface is admittendly bit slow but running console mode is lightning!
You say it doesnt make sense to use this type of setup on an ongoing daily basis in your workplace for instance, mainly due to the fact that your changes on OS is never saved and lost during reboot, but all you do is setup a file sharing service on your DHCP server and whenever booted into slax the staff immediately have access to the network and their network shares and aslong as staff save all their info on there nothing will be lost!

An extremely viable sollution, the moment you are confident that your staff will be able to use linux instead of windows.


Have two separate instances of Excel!

My work revolves around Excel and with my dual monitor setup it makes it a hell of alot more productive if i can have one Excel instance open on one monitor and the next on the other monitor.

But Excel always opens your second document as a worksheet of the first one and you can thus not seperate them and drag one to the extended montitor.

I found a blog on online tech tips that explains how to make two seperate excel instances possible and it works like a bomb.

Simply download THIS file. Extract it on your PC and run the file "Add Open In New Excel Instance.bat"

After this registry file has been applied you will be able to right click on any Excel file and select "Open in New Excel Instance" and you will have two seperate Excel instances!



Self ISO(CD) Image Burner

When you have a CD that either autoruns when you put it into your PC or it allows you to boot boot up using it (Like a Windows OS CD) then you cant just copy the files on the one CD to another CD and hope for the autorun or boot to still work cause it wont. If you want to copy CDs like this you make an image of the CD. These image files will then keep the correct structures in place to allow an exact copy of the original CD!
There are two issues with burning these CD image files though, if you arent IT savy you wont know how to burn an image file and if you are IT savy you will want to find an easier way of accomplishing this task.
I found this sofware on Raymond.cc's blog and simply love the idea and how well it works.
CD Self Burner allows you to select a CD image, usually an .ISO file and then convert it into an .EXE file that self burns the image using a built in burning tool by simply double clicking on the created .EXE file!
How simple is it now to have backups of your CDs that only requires a double click to be on CD, makes the sharing of CD images to your friends seamless.

Bandwidth monitor!

Something was using up all of my home internet bandwidth and it wasnt my own internet usage and all of my antivirus scans showed it wasnt a virus, what to do?

I have 4 pcs on my network and if not all of them then one of them has irregular usage, and i was determined to find it! I needed a tool i could install on each pc to check the wan (internet) activity over a period of time and maybe this way find the culprit!

I found Networx and it does just this and a lot more. I installed it on all 4 pcs on my network and by the next day i found the PC that has the high usage and backed it up and reinstalled it and problem solved!!

Another use: If you have a cap on your internet line and want a warning when the cap is getting close, then you can use this tool to specifty the warning level you want and the software will alarm you at this time.


Everything Search Engine

There are so many ways to search for something on your PC, most of us use Windows search (Cause we're used to it), some of us use Google Desktop (Very good and includes content search functionality, meaning being able to look for a term inside a document somewhere on your pc) and many many more tools.

I was however looking for something faster, not needing to have content search functionality, but it needs to help me find files by their file names on my PC ASAP. Windows and Google Desktop are extremely thorough tools, but they take their time. First i thought this was going to be tricky to find this tool, but i found it quickly and man is it quick.... :-)

The tool is called 'Everything Search', it is a small file to download, a quick installation, an extremely quick indexing of the files on all of your drives and partions and your ready. Simply double click on the icon in your system tray and type what youre looking for, if you have it somewhere on your PC Everywhere will find it at lightning speed.

Enjoy :-)


Synergy, sharing your keyboard & mouse between screens

I have a laptop at work and convinced my boss that i needed a bigger monitor to connect to the laptop, as the bigger space will make me more productive :-) He bought it!

Extending my 15" laptop desktop to include the 19" monitor gave me a much bigger space to work on and ive become so used to it that i get frustrated when im limited to only the laptop screen when not in the office. Anyway, i have a second older laptop at work, my old one, which was just sitting there gathering dust, so i started using it as well.

It was only last week that i found this awesome software that i realised how much fun i can have if i can control all three screens (current 2 extended screens and one more pc accessible via a network connection) with ONE keyboard and ONE mouse.

Synergy allows you to setup a server and client PC on a network, one sharing the other using the shared mouse and keyboard. The the client will have the server's mouse and keyboard movements sent via the network and you wont even see or feel the difference, its like having the periferals plugged directly into this pc even if they arent :-)

I now have a desktop that spans 3 monitors, one dedicated as an internet browser, one dedicated as an email manager and the last my main monitor for my other tasks.
My original request for an additional screen to my boss was not really for increased productivity, but now that i have three i can assure you the setup is making me less distracted from the important things that are always in view on the other screens and not hidden behind other application screens.

Download Synergy from http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/

Enjoy :-)


Yahoo to join Microsoft Search Engine Bing!!!

Google receives over 65% of the internet search traffic! Being a hell of a good search tool and my first choice as well, i can see why this percentage is this high. I dont have any concerns with this search provider monopoly, but what is is Google's multiple increasing steady involvement in every single aspect of the online spectrum. They have already got all of the following online services and in most of them they have a monopoly as well - email/calendar/online docs/blogging tools/feedburner/online storage/browsers and most recently a proposed OS(online based)! The concern i have is that we will all eventually become so dependant on Google that they become vital if not essential to your online activities. What if they ever decide to start charging for all the services youve become so reliant on? What if they close down? (highly unlikely :-)) These are the concerns i have.

So it is with great anticipation that i announce that Yahoo search provider (owns 18% of internet search traffic) will join Microsoft search provider Bing (owns 6% of internet search traffic) to make a +-25% contender against Google Search. Any intervention to stop a monopoly in a market is always a good one, except for the monopoly holder affected by it. I'm routing for this joint venture to become a bigger market shar holder and give Google some good old competition.

I dont want to see Google fail, but i do want to see other providers keeping up with them so that i can use various online providers for my online activities and not be stuck with only one option.

Read this blog for more info on the venture


AnalogX Proxy to Share an Internet Connection

A proxy is used to share and manage internet connections. If you have only one PC on a network with an internet connection then this is a method of enabling the rest of the network to use this connection and all have internet access. If your network already has internet access then implementing a proxy can be beneficial as user and browsing access can be managed.

If you are simply looking to share an internet connection and agree that Microsoft's built in feature 'Internet connection sharing' is not the most user friendly thing youve ever attempted, then you have to get over to analogx.com and get their free Proxy software.

You install the utility on the PC with the internet connection, run the application, enter this PC's primary network address as the 'Proxy Binding' address and your proxy server is setup! (In the screenshot my PCs IP was

Now go to any PC on your network, which has access to this PC, and enter the proxy binding address as your proxy server and indicate port as 6588 and you'll have an internet connection!


IT Hardware Poster... Classic to Current...

Found this beautifull poster giving detailed info on all the hardware changes our industry has gone through. This is a must for all IT guys and gals. Enjoy.

Go to below link and select download from left menu to download the poster:


Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder

You have your legit software you paid for and now need to reinstall it. How many times have you been in the situation where you then have the software but cant find the product key? It happens to me all the time. This little app solves these issues as it can tell you what the key is on your currently installed apps!

The Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder is a freeware open source utility that retrieves your Product Key (cd key) used to install Windows from your registry. It allows you to print or save your keys for safekeeping. It works on Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008, Office XP, Office 2003, and Office 2007 family of products. It also has a community-updated configuration file that retrieves product keys for many other applications. Another feature is the ability to retrieve product keys from unbootable Windows installations.

Use this link to download the software - http://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder/
Or this link as an alternative - http://files.getdropbox.com/u/644061/keyfinder.2.0.1.zip


Google Chrome Operating System Info

If you haven't heard as yet, Google has announced they will be entering the Operating System market and competing against the likes of Microsoft!

The two most interesting points i need to advise of off the cuff is;
  1. It will be a free OS, because it is based on a Linux distribution which is covered under the Open Source agreement!
  2. The OS will be predominantly Web Based! The PC will boot up and immediately connect you to the web where all your operations will take place.
Read the following blog for some very interesting information regarding the operating system;

I for one cant wait to test this os out! P.s. just started playing with Windows 7 and now it seems i will have another new os to play with soon! :-)

Verify your CD or DVD contents with VSO-Inspector

Even in todays digital world with multiple avenues of storing and sharing data online, the need for using Optical Devices for data saving, transfer, use and storage is still very much a reality.

It is in all situations vital that the data being burned to CD or DVD be readable when needed, but i have only really found Nero that has the option of verifying the disk after burning to ensure the data integrity of the disk.

VSO-Inspector is a free utility that does just this.

Simply put the CD in your rom and run a surface scan and file test with the software. Once successful you can feel a little more confident in the CD working once it reaches its destination!

Also note all of the very interesting data the utility gives regarding the specs of your Optical Drive.

Hope this is useful. <via>


Stop windows autoupdate from restarting your pc

I hate the fact that windows can automatically restart my pc after an update has been applied / or needs to. Use this simple to prevent this from happening. p.s. a lot of people simply disable auto updates to prevent this from happening but there are 2 concerns with this method, first this will mean you wont receive any windows updates and second sometimes (as is the case with me) this functionality has been disabled by our domain admin.

To disable the auto restart function;
Start / Run / gpedit.msc / Local Computer Policy / Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Windows Update / Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations


Microsoft's answer to google search! Bing Search...

Microsoft's search solution has changed from Live Search to Bing Search, and it looks impressive! Can this be the effective answer to google.com? It looks very good and the results compared to Google is very accurate, from my 10 minute search testing... :-) I have read various blogs saying that they are already receiving a lot of traffic from the search engine, and less from google. Check it out, i have decided to use it exclusively for a while as my search engine and see how it performs.



dryicons - Awesome quality sets of icons. Download them, they are worth it! Replace your boring icons with these and be the envy of everyone!

File Shaker

File Shaker - Free file hosting. Take a file you want to share, upload it and share the link with the people you want to share it with. Allows files up to 10gig in size. Nothing more to say.

10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail gives you a temporary e-mail address. Any e-mails sent to that address will show up automatically on the web page. You can read them, click on links, and even reply to them. The e-mail address will expire after 10 minutes. Why would you use this? Maybe you want to sign up for a site which requires that you provide an e-mail address to send a validation e-mail to. And maybe you don't want to give up your real e-mail address and end up on a bunch of spam lists. This is nice and disposable. And it's free. Enjoy!


Smart Shutdown

Smart Shutdown is a free, commercial-quality shutdown utility for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista. The program is based on an easy 1-2-3 interface and has an immense number of shutdown options. It allows you to shut down, log off, reboot, lock, turn off, hibernate, disconnect from the Internet or network, enter standby mode in Windows, and shut down and reboot computers in your network--all both manually and automatically.


ShareTabs is the easy way to share your links as tabs. Add a list of links to the form below and submit it to get a single link to them all, conveniently displayed in tabs. Great for sharing in Email, IM, Twitter, or SMS.


Tinypaste converts your supplied text into an online URL to easily share with anyone you like. The link is immediately generated and given to you for distribution.



StopForwarding.US lets you politely and anonymously ask your friends to stop sending spam to your inbox.


BatteryBar - Free Battery Monitor Utility


BatteryBar is a simple, straight-forward, battery meter that monitors the status of your battery and displays your battery's status in the taskbar.

BatteryBar constantly monitors the status of your battery as you use your laptop. As it monitors your battery, it keeps historical data on your battery and provide you with a very accurate estimate of how much time is remaining on your battery.

BatteryBar is free.


Outlook 2007 Essentials - 3 Free Optimisations

You simply have to get 'Outlook 2007 Essentials' if you use Outlook 2007.
  1. It, Checks for Missing Attachments
  2. Checks for Blank Subject Line before you send a mail
  3. Allows Printing of Selected Portion of Mail (Outlook 2003 had this feature)


WPA2 Wireless Network Not Connecting in XP SP2

If your network security is or has been upgraded to WPA2 and you are running XP SP2, your OS might not pick up the new security. If you loose connection or cant connect to a WPA2 connection and it only shows it as WPA then you will need to either;
The latter is much simpler to do :-)

After either of these solutions you will then notice your OS picking up WPA2 and you'll be able to connect.

Having Bcc field pemanently in Outlook 2007 Email

Got a query the other day about how to keep Bcc field as a permanent field in Outlook 2007 when composing new email,
  • Simply go to new message,
  • Select Options at the top of the screen,
  • Select Show Bcc
From now on this field will always be visible when composing a new mail...


myVoice - pre-release promotion - free usage for June 2009

What is myVoice?
myVoice enables you to record, hear, share and search voice messages with your friends or private/public social groups using your mobile and its Internet data connection. myVoice enables a new world of personal social and business networking without the need for texting or reading – at a fraction of the usual cost!

Pre-Release Promotion!!

During the month of June 2009, they are allowing a test group of individuals to use myVoice for FREE. This period will be used to test the myVoice system, and to iron out any bugs that may surface.

You can become part of this exclusive group, by signing up to participate in the Pre-Release Program (see below). Once signed up, they will SMS you where to download the myVoice application on 1 June 2009.

All they request from their pre-release users, is that they report back on any bugs they might find, and complete a survey every once and a while about their experiences with using myVoice.

All pre-release test users will automatically get 100 FREE Kudos when myVoice goes live, for their efforts.

If you have any questions about the Pre-Release program, please check out FAQ section, or email them at beta@myvoice.mobi.


HP550 Notebook - XP Drivers

Reinstalled my laptop (HP550) the other day and it took a while to collect all of the working XP drivers for the notebook. After finally having all of the correct drivers i though id upload them and make them available to anyone looking for the same drivers. Save you some time :-)

Follow this link for all the drivers for this notebook, which include;
  • Audio
  • BT (Bluetooth)
  • Chipset
  • Ethernet
  • Graphics
  • Modem
  • Mouse Touchpad
  • Quick Launch Buttons
  • SD
  • Wireless


Best Free Software Collection WITH Hosted Downloads of these...

The following is my ultimate collection of software that is either Free, Free for non-commercial use or Open Source.

Below I list the tools and their respective websites, take the time to follow this link to a download a copy of each of the utilities, i have thrown them in my Dropbox account for you to use. Theres a link to download each individually or one compressed archive that includes all.

(Those wondering how im sharing a public link from Dropbox that lists more than just one file in the link, please checkout my post Sharing multiple private files on one Dropbox link)

The categories and software in my list:
Again, follow this link to a download a copy of each of the utilities

Sharing multiple private files on one Dropbox link

I love Dropbox and use it religiously for online storage as well as public file sharing (Their photo sharing and folder sharing for collaboration purposes are two other very good services offered by Dropbox) 

But one issue ive found is that your public link sharing only gives you a url to share for each file, and not for a whole folder. So if you want to share 100 files in a public Dropbox folder, currently, you need to share 100 individual public urls!

Some clever guys from Dropbox have come up with a workaround and it solves this problem effortlessly and makes the Dropbox experience complete. Its not a feature included in the solution available for download but im sure it will be soon. Heres what you do,
  • Download and install Python
  • Download the following file pyndexer.py
  • Copy file to any folder you want to share in your Dropbox Public folder
  • Double click pyndexer.py
  • Right click and copy public link if the index.html file created in your public folder
Finally - Send this link to anyone you want to share the particular public folder contents with!

Note -  You will need to re-run pyndexer.py whenver the contents of the folder changes, so that the html files are generated again to show the changes.


DriverBackup - Free Driver Backup Tool

Fast and user-friendly free tool for drivers's backup, restoration and removal with command line options, automatic restoration from CD\DVD and path formatting. DriverBackup! includes also an interactive command line builder.

ZumoDrive - Free Cloud Storage

Imagine if you had access to all your stuff, everywhere...

That’s what ZumoDrive does. Just install ZumoDrive on each device, and it’s like all your stuff is on all of them. Plus it’s all backed up. Laptop stolen? Don't worry, just install ZumoDrive, and your files will be restored in minutes.


TweetMyPC - Shutdown PC Remotely

TweetMyPC lets you shutdown/restart/LogOff your windows PC remotely. Simply;
  • Download the setup file and Install.
  • Go to www.Twitter.com and create a new Twitter account for your PC (This is optional as TweetMyPC only responds for updates). This account will be used by TweetMyPC to monitor for new tweets
  • Start TweetMyPC and then fill in the login details. Wait for some time for the application to verify your login details.
  • When ever you want to shutdown , restart or logoff your PC. Just login to your PC's Twitter account and post a new Tweet (Shutdown, Restart, Logoff) Note: Commands are Case Sensitive_
  • TweetMyPC checks for new tweets every 1 minute. (via)

present.io - realtime web presentation for free

present.io is a dead simple rich web-presentation functionality. no registration, no downloads, no installs. You can upload your presentation files (documents, pictures, video, audio, and more) and be giving your demo or walkthrough in seconds. With a free conference call line and rich chat functionality, you have just what you need.