Auto-Protect your USB Flash from Virusses - Free

I needed a tool that autoscans my flash drive for virus infections whenever it is plugged into ANY PC. The idea is also for the scan to use a protable antvirus app located on my flash to complete the scan.

The main reason for me to have this is due to the environment im in and that i have to constantly use my flash in various computers of which i dont know the security levels of.

P.s. You can procure a U3 device to do the same for you, but this will cost money. The files and process i have setup can be used on ANY flash drive.

Ive succeeded in setting up the solution i needed and have compiled the files for anyone to download and use.

The program/solution will do the following for you;

-Put ClamWin portable antivirus on your Flash.
*Includes a scanner, which is what will be set to autorun and scan the flash drive everytime it is plugged into any PC.
*Includes a GUI(Graphical User Interface) for antivirus definition file updates as well as a full antivirus scan and removal tool.

-Includes a tool that will help in recovering your flash IF it is misplaced.

Download the files from http://www.mediafire.com/?j3s0zyacmgs

Once downloaded;
1. Format your flash drive. Right click and select 'Format' and select 'Start'
*NB You will loose all information on the flash if you do this, so first copy the contents of your drive to a location on your Pc, then continue.
2. Once formatted extract the file flashviruscan.zip to the root of your flash drive
*You should have three files on your flash now, autorun.inf and clamwinportable folder and scan.bat
3. Remove the drive and plug it back into your PC.
4. Select Ok on autorun screen, and your device will be scanned for virusses.
5. Right click on your flash device to 'Scan flash for virusses' or see the 'I belong to' message
*You can change this message by simply changing the text in the readme.txt file found in :\clamwinportable\ folder
6. Going to :\clamwinportable\clamwinportable.exe will allow you to scan and remove virusses on not just the flash but the entire PC
7. Also use this interface [:\clamwinportable\clamwinportable.exe] to update your virus definition files regularly.
8.Logs for the completed scans can be found in :\clamwinportable\scanlogs
9. NB Simply double click on the Flash drive in Windows file explorer whenever you want it to be scanned for virusses!

I have gone through some trouble getting the above to work, but if you play around with it you will see that you can use the platform i put in place for a lot more functionality.


Google Search Results Preview

If you use Internet Explorer or Firefox Browser then you cant be without this functionality.

We all use Google the whole time, but isn't it frustrating to look for something and have to constantly click on broken links in search results OR to open results that you've seen before.

Found a little utility that shows you screen shots of the search results WITHIN the google results page! Works like a bomb.

You'd think it might be slower than normal search results, but i haven't seen a difference in performance.

Try it, you wont be able to go without it once you have.

Download the application from;
http://ackroyd.de/googlepreview-ie/ for Internet Explorer Browser
http://ackroyd.de/googlepreview/ for Firefox users.



Alternative Software for Vodacom HSDPA Modem (E220 Huawei Modem)

Want an alternative dashboard software for your E220 Huawei Modem, the standard Vodacom SA(South Africa) issued HSDPA modem?

Experiencing the following?
Vodacom software seems unresponsive? Slow to start up?
Constantly asking you to install the software when you plug the modem in, even if youve installed it before?

Then the below is for you...

1. Go to http://www.huawei.com/mobileweb/en/doc/list.do?type=-1&id=736 and select the following file to download, E220 Client Software UTPSB002D03SP1+C03 for WinXP&2K&Vista (7115kb)20-Mar-2008
2. Once downloaded plug in Vodacom USB modem and wait for the normal Vodacom icon to come up in the system tray, once it does right click and close it. (Need to do this to ensure the device drivers are installed on the PC otherwise the installation wont work)
3. Then run the downloaded file to commence the installation.
4. Once completed, remove your device and plug it back in
5. Be patient as it will load and ask you to install Mobile Partner
6 Once installed you have to go to device options and set the number to *99***16#
7. Connect

2 Important notes;
1. As long as you plug your devive into the same port you completed the above installation on, you will not be prompted to complete the software installation again, as the case is with Vodacom software
2. You can open Mobile Partner and then only plug in your modem! With vodacom software you have to wait for the software to open.

If you experience any issue if you select connect simply do the following;
Edit the modem initialization string;
Go to start/settings/control panel and select system
Go to hardware tab and select ‘device manager’
Go to modems and highlight the Huawei modem
Right click on the modem and select ‘properties’
Go to ‘Advanced’ tab
copy the following into the ‘Extra initialization commands’
And select ‘OK’
Your connection should be fine now.

Reason for above, the VMC-L(Vodacom software) works is because the software automatically sets the modem initialisation string to AT+CGDCONT=16,"IP","internet"; and the default profile dials *99***16#, but Mobile partner doesn’t.

Ive been using this software as an alternative to Vodacom software and it seems much better to me.

If you ever want to revert back to the Vodacom software download and install the software from the following link;

http://www.vodacom.co.za/services/mobile_data/downloads.jsp and select file VMCLite_E220_3_2_1_156 standard.

Hope this is of use to you