Windows 7 look for XP

Windows 7 look for XP

For Windows XP only: This system theme pack installer from NiwradSoft gives your crayola-inspired Windows XP desktop an impressive Windows 7 look. No file hacking needed, simple installer to run. 

This installer is designed to work on the following operating systems and languages:

- Windows XP (Home, Pro, RTM, SP1, SP2, SP3, Corporate)
- Windows 2003 (Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter, Web, RTM, SP1)
- Windows Media Center Edition (2003, 2004, 2005)
- Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
- All Language Versions
- Does NOT work with 64 bit versions of Windows!

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Dropbox online file storage and sharing...

What exactly is Dropbox?

Dropbox is the easiest way to share and store your files online.


Works like you do: No complicated interface to learn. Dropbox runs in the background on your desktop.

Worry-free syncing: Sync your files automatically to your computers and the web.

It's everywhere you are: Sign in and access your files from any browser or mobile device.

Easy sharing: Sharing files with your friends and family is just two clicks away.

Photos: View your photos in a gallery and share them easily with anyone.

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CDex Audio CD Ripper

CDex can extract the data directly (digital) from an Audio CD, which is generally called a CD Ripper or a CDDA utility. The resulting audio file can be a plain WAV file (useful for making compilation audio CDs) or the ripped audio data can be compressed using an audio encoder.

Many encoders are supported, to name a few:
  • Lame MP3 encoder
  • Internal MP2 encoder
  • APE lossles audio format
  • Ogg Vorbis encoder
  • The Windows MP3 encoder (Fraunhofer MP3 encoder)
  • NTT VQF encoder
  • FAAC encoder
  • Windows WMA8 encoder

In addition, WAV files on the hard drive can be converted to a Compressed Audio File (and visa versa). CDex also supports many audio file tag formats like the ID3V1 and ID3V2 tags, which can be automatically inserted as part of the ripping process.

One of the best additional features : Read / store album information from/to a local and/or remote CD Database (CDDB)

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URL Shortening Services : Best of the best

All these services serve the same purpose, to shorten long urls into short ones, but they all have awesome added benefits! :

http://www.easyurl.net/index.php - Shortest url service available!
http://www.shoxt.com/ - Best original url masking service available!
http://www.w3t.org/ - Best shortened url protection via password or timed links!
http://shuurl.com/index.php - Best shortening service with link preview!

easyURL http://www.easyurl.net/index.php

Take those messy, way too long to remember, complicated URLs (or web addresses) and shorten them to something someone could easily remember (or type in). Simply paste in that long URL into the Long URL field box and click on shorten URL and you're done!

shoXt http://www.shoxt.com/

make your long url shorter;
hide you affiliate id;
mask destination url;

Easiest way to post friendly short urls on forums and blogs, send via email, ICQ or Skype, make shortcuts to your free hosting sites...
Just make it short and friendly :)

Short URL http://www.w3t.org/

easy to handle our long urls;
cloak your affiliate links, "buy it now!" URLs and track clicks;
redirects statistic: timing, referring sites, IP addresses;
easy marketing: your visitor's country, ZIP, referring pages;
set temporary download links and protect them with password;
more privacy - hide your URLs from search engines and bots.

SHUURL http://shuurl.com/index.php

SHUURL is a free short URL service with one BIG difference... we give you a preview of the shortened URL, the actual link and a safety rating so you know what site you're about to visit!

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TinyChat Instant Chat Room Service

via pgg.co.za

With TinyChat you can create your own chatroom and invite people through one simple link. Once created simply share your url and chat away. Once someone joins they simply enter a nickname and they are ready to chat. You can also easily promote your site on twitter and save your chat log. The link doesnt seem to expire so you can return to the chat room again. Try it!

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YourFonts.com - Make Your Own Handwriting Fonts For Free

via pgg.co.za

Make Your Own Handwriting Fonts For Free

YourFonts.com is a FREE online font generator that allows you to create your own OpenType fonts within a couple of minutes. Go make your own handwriting as a font!

  • Your own handwriting turned into your very own font for free
  • Optionally include your signature
  • You'll have your very own font within 15 minutes
  • Make as many fonts as you like
  • Use your fonts on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Personalize your digital scrapbook pages
  • Make your own "family handwriting history"
  • Use your fonts in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and every program that you own

High Quality Personal Handwriting Fonts

YourFonts allows you to upload large templates (up to 4000 x 5000 pixels) and it has the most advanced raster to vector conversion algorithm. Together this results in unbeatable high quality personal fonts.

It's easy and fun to digitize your handwriting, so go make your own font now!

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Feed43 - Free Feed Generator

"I recently changed from feedity.com to feed43.com on my website pgg.co.za Here's the service details, excellent!"

Your favorite site doesn't provide news feeds?

This free online service converts any web page to an RSS feed on the fly.


As shown on illustration in this post, original web page is clipped (1) and converted to RSS format (2) that can be picked up by your favorite news aggregator (3).


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troovi photo sharing service!

via pgg.co.za

Troovi is probably the best and easiest photo exchange plattform to share your photos in high quality. Try it by uploading your photos! It's easy, secure and fast!

Troovi is designed as a plattform to exchange photos from different sources on a very easy way at one single place

There's no need to register! Simply choose the photos you want to share and upload them in high quality using our comfortable state-of-the-art uploader. Afterwards your collection is accessible by a unique url which is generated automatically.

To share the photos with others all you have to do is to send them your unique link. You can also use the built-in share feature for email, facebook, del.icio.us and much more services.

Everybody who knows the unique URL of your collection has full access to the photos including the ability to upload new photos. So others can add their own photos to your collection.

You can download either one single photo or even all photos as a zip file in high quality. Never again downscaled photos in bad quality and low resolution!

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Photostage Slideshow Maker - Free - Supports Audio and AVI Output!

via pgg.co.za

Creating a slideshow from your digital photos has never been easier. Photostage brings your pictures, images and video to life and lets you share your favorite memories with family and friends in an interesting and portable way. The brief was simple - make a slideshow creation program that is so easy to use your Grandma could do it. The result - Photostage. Features include Stunning Transition Effects, Complete Photo Optimization, Add music tracks to your slideshow, Share With Your Family and Friends, Burn to DVD and watch in your living room on your TV.

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Extra Photo SlideShow Free

From site pgg.co.za

Extra Photo SlideShow Free helps you create an exciting photo slide show with background music, subtitle, and transition effects. WithExtra Photo SlideShow Free, thousands of pictures from holidays, landscapes, wedding or family party can now be enjoyed by a creative photo sildeshow.

This application provides a simple three-step workflow that will enable users of all levels to easily create custom slide shows to display and share your images.

Here are some key features of "Extra Photo SlideShow Free":

· Support BMP, EMF, GIF, J2K, JPEG, PCX, PNG, RAS, TGA, TIFF, WMF Image Files
· Support background music, with WMA,MP3,WAV,ADPCM,PCM,GSM,OGG audio files
· Support extracting audio from video files as background music
· Set subtitile for each photo,you can define theirs location on the screen, font, size, color
· Choose from 142 transitional effects (fade, slide, wipe, etc.) for each individual slide
· Generating RealMedia video file, let you share your pictures on Internet easily.
· Generating DivX,XviD video file, with high quality, but small size
· Support AVI,DivX,Xvid,MPEG,WMV,RealMedia format video files

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Fences, an awesome desktop icon organizer!

via pgg.co.za

Fences is a program that helps you organize your desktop, and can hide your icons when they're not in use. It's FREE for personal use, so try it out today, and change how you use your desktop forever!

Fences is a one-of-a-kind program, allowing you to draw labeled shaded areas on your desktop, which become movable & resizable containers for your desktop icons. These groups can help bring organization and consistency to your computer's desktop, solving the "constant mess" problem that has plagued the desktop since its inception.

Fences also helps you finally appreciate the wallpaper you have hiding behind all that clutter.
In addition to its organizing features, Fences offers a novel quick-hide feature (in-patenting-process). Double click your desktop, and all your icons will fade out. Double click again, and they'll return.

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Instant Housecall | Free Simple Remote Support!!

Check out this website I found at pgg.co.za

Licence - Free
Publisher's Description - Instant Housecall allows you to connect to a friend or relative's computer. All they need to know is your unique Instant Housecall specialist ID. This desktop version of Instant Housecall is the Free Edition. It can be installed and configured on computers that operate on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista. Once you've downloaded Instant Housecall and configured it, you will be granted temporary access to another computer's remote system once the user on the other end allows you to obtain it.
Company - Instant Housecall
Last known significant version update - To version 4.4
Approximate file size - +-1mb

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Skype 4.0 for Windows - Version Update Released!

As per www.skype.com : We've built this brand new Skype so you can have the conversations that make a difference to you, every day. It's easy to use, plus step-by-step guides help you get started.

Im extremely impressed with the new look and feel, go try it!

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