troovi photo sharing service!

via pgg.co.za

Troovi is probably the best and easiest photo exchange plattform to share your photos in high quality. Try it by uploading your photos! It's easy, secure and fast!

Troovi is designed as a plattform to exchange photos from different sources on a very easy way at one single place

There's no need to register! Simply choose the photos you want to share and upload them in high quality using our comfortable state-of-the-art uploader. Afterwards your collection is accessible by a unique url which is generated automatically.

To share the photos with others all you have to do is to send them your unique link. You can also use the built-in share feature for email, facebook, del.icio.us and much more services.

Everybody who knows the unique URL of your collection has full access to the photos including the ability to upload new photos. So others can add their own photos to your collection.

You can download either one single photo or even all photos as a zip file in high quality. Never again downscaled photos in bad quality and low resolution!

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