URL Shortening Services : Best of the best

All these services serve the same purpose, to shorten long urls into short ones, but they all have awesome added benefits! :

http://www.easyurl.net/index.php - Shortest url service available!
http://www.shoxt.com/ - Best original url masking service available!
http://www.w3t.org/ - Best shortened url protection via password or timed links!
http://shuurl.com/index.php - Best shortening service with link preview!

easyURL http://www.easyurl.net/index.php

Take those messy, way too long to remember, complicated URLs (or web addresses) and shorten them to something someone could easily remember (or type in). Simply paste in that long URL into the Long URL field box and click on shorten URL and you're done!

shoXt http://www.shoxt.com/

make your long url shorter;
hide you affiliate id;
mask destination url;

Easiest way to post friendly short urls on forums and blogs, send via email, ICQ or Skype, make shortcuts to your free hosting sites...
Just make it short and friendly :)

Short URL http://www.w3t.org/

easy to handle our long urls;
cloak your affiliate links, "buy it now!" URLs and track clicks;
redirects statistic: timing, referring sites, IP addresses;
easy marketing: your visitor's country, ZIP, referring pages;
set temporary download links and protect them with password;
more privacy - hide your URLs from search engines and bots.

SHUURL http://shuurl.com/index.php

SHUURL is a free short URL service with one BIG difference... we give you a preview of the shortened URL, the actual link and a safety rating so you know what site you're about to visit!

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