MobaLiveCD - Run LiveCD within Windows

In posts Best Linux Live CD - Slax and Windows Live CDs i spoke about live cds and how easy and productive they are to use.

But the thing about them is that they need to be either copied on a CD or a flash drive, and you have to switch off your PC and boot from either of these devices in order to use the live cd.

Well this is what was required up until the awesome software called MobaLiveCD appeared. This application allows you to run your live cd image (.ISO) from within your Windows os!

It essentially creates a virtual machine for your live cd, but without any hassle at all.

You simply run the .exe and select your .iso live cd image and your live cd starts in a seperate window. Select Ctrl+Alt+F for full screen and the same to put it back in a window and select ALT+TAB to switch to another application!

You could also associate .iso files with MobaLiveCD and simply right click on the iso and start it this way.

Lastly you can run it from USB as well. Thus being able plug your flash drive into any machine and run a live cd from within Windows.

A truely awesome app. Try it.