Self ISO(CD) Image Burner

When you have a CD that either autoruns when you put it into your PC or it allows you to boot boot up using it (Like a Windows OS CD) then you cant just copy the files on the one CD to another CD and hope for the autorun or boot to still work cause it wont. If you want to copy CDs like this you make an image of the CD. These image files will then keep the correct structures in place to allow an exact copy of the original CD!
There are two issues with burning these CD image files though, if you arent IT savy you wont know how to burn an image file and if you are IT savy you will want to find an easier way of accomplishing this task.
I found this sofware on Raymond.cc's blog and simply love the idea and how well it works.
CD Self Burner allows you to select a CD image, usually an .ISO file and then convert it into an .EXE file that self burns the image using a built in burning tool by simply double clicking on the created .EXE file!
How simple is it now to have backups of your CDs that only requires a double click to be on CD, makes the sharing of CD images to your friends seamless.