Bandwidth monitor!

Something was using up all of my home internet bandwidth and it wasnt my own internet usage and all of my antivirus scans showed it wasnt a virus, what to do?

I have 4 pcs on my network and if not all of them then one of them has irregular usage, and i was determined to find it! I needed a tool i could install on each pc to check the wan (internet) activity over a period of time and maybe this way find the culprit!

I found Networx and it does just this and a lot more. I installed it on all 4 pcs on my network and by the next day i found the PC that has the high usage and backed it up and reinstalled it and problem solved!!

Another use: If you have a cap on your internet line and want a warning when the cap is getting close, then you can use this tool to specifty the warning level you want and the software will alarm you at this time.