Everything Search Engine

There are so many ways to search for something on your PC, most of us use Windows search (Cause we're used to it), some of us use Google Desktop (Very good and includes content search functionality, meaning being able to look for a term inside a document somewhere on your pc) and many many more tools.

I was however looking for something faster, not needing to have content search functionality, but it needs to help me find files by their file names on my PC ASAP. Windows and Google Desktop are extremely thorough tools, but they take their time. First i thought this was going to be tricky to find this tool, but i found it quickly and man is it quick.... :-)

The tool is called 'Everything Search', it is a small file to download, a quick installation, an extremely quick indexing of the files on all of your drives and partions and your ready. Simply double click on the icon in your system tray and type what youre looking for, if you have it somewhere on your PC Everywhere will find it at lightning speed.

Enjoy :-)