i900 Omnia Applications (Any WM device really...)

As mentioned in my previous post i recently procured a Samsung Omnia windows mobile device.
My passion is technology and the amount of time ive spent ont he phone since i got is is scary, i just want to know everything the phone can do and how everything works, i just have to :-)

Needless to say i have found quite a bit of applications available for the device and thought id share it with you, saving you the time to go find it yourself.

On the following link you will find the below files;

(copy cab files directly to phone and run on phone to install)

* Application cab files

- Kevtris - Tetris Game
- Skyfire - Better mobile internet browser
- pmClean - CCleaner alternative for windows mobile
- TotalCommander - File explorer alternative

* Device functionality cab files
- Batti - Battery monitor
- Ftouch - Improve touch screen functionlity
- OmniaSIP - Change default keyboard layout on startup
- softkeymanager - change the today screen buttons

* Network tools cab files
- vxutil - ipconfig / ping / network info app

* Remote tool cab files
- good ftp - ftp software
- WM6 RDP - remote desktop for windows mobile
- hamachi - vpn client for windows mobile

* SMS tool cab files
- Omniathread - change sms layout from thead to standard layout

(.msi and .exe needs to be installed from windows)
* Active sync 4 - Latest active sync for xp proffesional
* MyMobile - Allows you to see and work on your device from your pc!

Try all of these, youll see it changes your user experience for the best! I cant believe som of these apps dont come standard with the handset!

p.s The disabling of sms thread view cant be done ANYWHERE in the phone settings! You have to use the app above provided or do some registry editing! Doesnt make sense.

Enjoy. :-)