Sharing multiple private files on one Dropbox link

I love Dropbox and use it religiously for online storage as well as public file sharing (Their photo sharing and folder sharing for collaboration purposes are two other very good services offered by Dropbox) 

But one issue ive found is that your public link sharing only gives you a url to share for each file, and not for a whole folder. So if you want to share 100 files in a public Dropbox folder, currently, you need to share 100 individual public urls!

Some clever guys from Dropbox have come up with a workaround and it solves this problem effortlessly and makes the Dropbox experience complete. Its not a feature included in the solution available for download but im sure it will be soon. Heres what you do,
  • Download and install Python
  • Download the following file pyndexer.py
  • Copy file to any folder you want to share in your Dropbox Public folder
  • Double click pyndexer.py
  • Right click and copy public link if the index.html file created in your public folder
Finally - Send this link to anyone you want to share the particular public folder contents with!

Note -  You will need to re-run pyndexer.py whenver the contents of the folder changes, so that the html files are generated again to show the changes.