Yahoo to join Microsoft Search Engine Bing!!!

Google receives over 65% of the internet search traffic! Being a hell of a good search tool and my first choice as well, i can see why this percentage is this high. I dont have any concerns with this search provider monopoly, but what is is Google's multiple increasing steady involvement in every single aspect of the online spectrum. They have already got all of the following online services and in most of them they have a monopoly as well - email/calendar/online docs/blogging tools/feedburner/online storage/browsers and most recently a proposed OS(online based)! The concern i have is that we will all eventually become so dependant on Google that they become vital if not essential to your online activities. What if they ever decide to start charging for all the services youve become so reliant on? What if they close down? (highly unlikely :-)) These are the concerns i have.

So it is with great anticipation that i announce that Yahoo search provider (owns 18% of internet search traffic) will join Microsoft search provider Bing (owns 6% of internet search traffic) to make a +-25% contender against Google Search. Any intervention to stop a monopoly in a market is always a good one, except for the monopoly holder affected by it. I'm routing for this joint venture to become a bigger market shar holder and give Google some good old competition.

I dont want to see Google fail, but i do want to see other providers keeping up with them so that i can use various online providers for my online activities and not be stuck with only one option.

Read this blog for more info on the venture