Need internet on your PC but only have a cellphone?

Don’t have an internet connection on your PC? Don’t have a 3G/HSDPA modem, PCMCIA card, ADSL(Broadband), Wireless nor Analog modem – BUT you need that internet connection?
Use your bluetooth enabled cellphone(with DUN service availability) to get your bluetooth enabled PC connected to the web.

I will explain the setup using the standard supplied XP professional bluetooth software. If you are using a third party bluetooth application the setup will be different to the below explained and in this instance you will need to spend a bit more time from your side figuring this out. I made a point of using the standard bluetooth software so that the setup is predominantly standard across the board to all XP users.

1. Pair your mobile device with your PC,
a. Go start/settings/control pannel/bluetooth devices
b. On devices select add, tick ‘my device is setup and ready to be found’ (Ensure it is!)
c. Select next, select your device, select next
d. select ‘let me choose my own passkey’ and type in any 4 numbers
e. Select next, enter passkey into mobile phone and set the new paired device as authorized on your device

2. Ensure your device offers the DUN(dialup networking) service;
a. Once paired with your mobile go to start/settings/control pannel/bluetooth devices
b. On devices select your paired mobile device, select properties and select services tab
c. Make 100% sure you see a ‘Dial-up networking (DUN)’ service in the displayed list
i. If you don’t then your mobile device wont be able to connect your PC to the internet, sorry.

3. Manually create the dialup connection to the internet;
a. If you have the needed Bluetooth service then we need to generate a dialup connection
b. Go to start/settings/network connections
c. Select ‘New connection wizard’
d. Select next, keep ‘connect to internet’ selected and select next
e. Select ‘set up my connection manually’, select next
f. Keep ‘Connect using a dialup modem’ selected and select next
g. Put a tic next to ‘Standard modem over Bluetooth link’, select next
h. Furnish a name for your dialup shortcut we will place on your desktop, select next
i. Furnish the phone number *99***1# and select next
j. Keep ‘Anyone’s use’ selectec, select next
k. Leave the username, password and confirm password blank, and the below two options as is, select next
l. Select ‘add shortcut on desktop’, select finish
m. Don’t try the connection yet, just select ‘cancel’ on the connect screen.

4. Edit the modem initialization string;
a. Go to start/settings/control panel and select system
b. Go to hardware tab and select ‘device manager’
c. Go to modems and highlight ‘Standard modem over Bluetooth link’
d. Right click on the modem and select ‘properties’
e. Go to ‘Advanced’ tab
i. For Vodacom, CellC and MTN(South Africa) copy the following into the ‘Extra initialization commands’
1. +CGDCONT=1,"IP","internet"
2. And select ‘OK’
ii. For Virgin Mobile(South Africa) copy the following into the ‘Extra initialization commands’
1. +CGDCONT=1,"IP","vdata","",0,0
2. And select ‘OK’
iii. I am not sure of the Initialization strings for other cellular providers outside of South Africa, but the process remains exactly the same, as long as you get the Initialization string from your cellular provider.

Now if your paired connection between PC and Mobile phone is established, double click on the Dialup shortcut we placed on desktop and select ‘dial’ and you should be able to connect to the internet!

Please note
· This connection speed is limited to GPRS, so don’t expect HSDPA speeds even if your phone is capable of this.
· The connection is obviously not free as you will be charged by your cellular provider per amount of data transfer

Once you are finished with you internet connection, REMEMBER to disconnect. Simply right click on the Icon in your system tray and select ‘disconnect’

Hope this works for all of you as well as it works for me.