Failsafe Bluetooth transfer from/to PC

All mobile phones come with some sort of file transfer software. Usually very confusing and difficult to use.

If you dont want the confusion and want an easy 1-2-3 to transferring your files to and from your PC to any Bluetooth enabled device, do the following.

1. Ensure your PCs bluetooth service is installed and functional.

2. Ensure your Bluetooth device options are setup on the PC.
*Go to start/settings/control panel/bluetooth devices
*Go to Options tab and select/put a tick next to all of the following;
-Turn discovery on
-Allow BT devices to connect to this computer
-Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to

3. Find the application to use for the transfer;
*Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32 and look for a file named fsquirt.exe
*Right click on the file and select 'Send to desktop' (So that you dont have to go find the file in future)
*Double click on this file on desktop and you will get an option to send or receive a file.

4. Send or receive a file.
*If you are sending, select what you want to send then select your bluetooth device from the list of devices (your device needs to have its bluetooth on and the device's visibility/discovery needs to be open for all) and select send. Accept connection on bluetooth device.

*If you are receiving, select receive a file and initiate the sending from the bluetooth device and simply accept the incoming connection and select where to save the received file.

This should be all the info you need. Enjoy.