Konboot - Free Windows Utility

Kon-Boot is an prototype piece of software which allows to change contents of a linux kernel (and now Windows kernel also!!!) on the fly (while booting). In the current compilation state it allows to log into a linux system as 'root' user without typing the correct password or to elevate privileges from current user to root. For Windows systems it allows to enter any password protected profile without any knowledge of the password.

1. Download Kon-Boot ISO and burn to CD.
2. Insert the Kon-Boot CD and boot the computer with the CD.
3. When splash screen appears hit enter to continue.
4. Tool will tell you that it is ready to hax0R in.
5. Windows now loads as normal.
6. When Windows login come up simply type anything as the password and you’re in! You can even leave password blank.

Note that Kon-Boot does NOT modify any of your files. If you boot up the computer the next time without Kon-Boot CD and try to login using any password, you’ll get the error “The system could not log you on" [via]

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